Funny Crypto Memes

Crypto memes are life.
Aug 6, 20222 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

Everybody loves a good meme, and crypto isn’t short on it.

Though memes are great for a good laugh, but they’re much more than that.

While high-brow intellectuals debate theories in the halls of research, it’s on Twitter that a compelling ideological narrative really comes to life.

That is, provided you have a good meme.

Whether it’s to signal your support for a crypto project, to warn people of a scam, if you can meme it, you can capture the hearts and minds of people.

Here are some of the most iconic and hilarious memes to invade crypto in recent memory.

- Bankless team

Legendary Crypto Memes

#1. Money printer goes brrr

Money Printer Go Brr Jerome Powell GIF - Money Printer Go Brr Jerome Powell Cash GIFs

Centralized government fiat bad. Decentralized cryptocurrencies good.

Why? Because “money printer goes brrr”.

8 "Government and Inflation" - Crypto Memes & Jokes • CryptoSpace

#2. Funds are sifu

0xsifu on Twitter: "@zhusu https://t.co/0086IqsdWP" / Twitter

You probably don’t know this, but “funds are safu” was started in 2018 by Binance CEO CZ.

When news broke of Wonderland’s treasury manager “Sifu” aka Michael Patryn’s criminal past, a meme was memed and “Funds are with Sifu” was forever eternalized.

#3. Ethereum gas fees

ethereum Crypto Memes

Yes, we know Ethereum is expensive.

#4. Free your mind. Build the dip.

#5. Three Arrows Capital


#6. Governments banning crypto

Funniest Crypto Memes
Governments can’t stop crypto

How about no?

#7. Thx Elon

Screengrab Twitter.

#8. Bitconnect

Popular Crypto Memes

The Bitconnect meme was forever enshrined in crypto history when one of its employees Carlos Matos took to stage in quite possibly, one of the most absurd speeches that would only have been possible in crypto. And then Bitconnect turned out to be a major Ponzi. Yikes.

#9. Luna goes to Earth

Twitter cracks up as Terra Luna CRASHES 97% - BusinessToday

#10. Wen merge?

Did we miss out on any memes?

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