Creativity Pays in NFTs

Weekly Roundup: Magic Eden eyes ETH OGs, huge Autoglyphs sale, new Pudgy Toys, & more!
Feb 23, 20242 min read

There are many reasons to be creative around NFTs, like exploring new artistic ideas, experimenting with new tools, and reaching new audiences.

Yet, this space also has a way of rewarding creativity and curiosity. 

For example, this week alone, I made +$4,000 from my personal artistic efforts: 887 $OP from the latest Optimism airdrop to NFTers, as I’ve released various collections like Stable Peasters on the Superchain, and 0.42 ETH so far from my Inglows mint on Highlight.

You don’t have to be a super acclaimed artist or anything like that to dive in here. 

Tap in, experiment, and see what opportunities flow from your creative explorations. Share on Warpcast where like-minded people are most likely to find and appreciate your work. 

Just mint it.

And going forward, you can gain new friends, new knowledge, and new streams of income. 

For now, though, it’s roundup time! Let’s catch you up per usual by recapping the most significant NFT events from the past week 👇

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