Claim your banked.eth domain

After registration the domain is fully under your control at no cost.
Nov 12, 20191 min read

Get a name like this for your Ethereum address: [yoursubdomain].banked.eth

Just claim your banked.eth subdomain & connect it to your Ethereum address. Each subdomain is unique. After registration the domain is fully under your control at no cost. There’s a .001 ETH fee just so it doesn’t get spammed. First come first served!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to ens.banklesshq.com and connect Metamask (need a bit of ETH in wallet)

  2. Search for the subdomain of your choice—(X means not available)

  3. Select the subdomain & approve in Metamask (will cost .001 ETH + gas fees)

Congratulations! You now own [yoursubdomain].banked.eth subdomain. You can direct this subdomain to an Ethereum address of your choice.

If you have issues, get help in the Inner Circle Discord channel.

Note: I’ve renewed the banked.eth domain until November 2026. Anyone can pay renewal fees past that date, so you can have confidence your banked.eth subdomain will stay active forever.

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