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Bull Market Airdrops

With a number of big airdrops looming, are you ready to reap the rewards?
Dec 2, 20231 min read

Airdrop season has arrived. Solana’s largest tokenless protocol by TVL, Jito, announced that it will be airdropping 10% of its tokens. Meanwhile, a core founder of Cosmos Hub is advocating for a chain split. STRK appears to be on the way soon, as well. How to capitalize on so many opps?

Jito announced it will airdrop tokens to participants in its points program, as will Solana validators operating the Jito-Solana MEV client and searchers actively utilizing Jito Network’s MEV products.

 Jae Kwon’s proposed Cosmos Hub chain split would result in the creation of a new AtomOne chain and an ATOM1 airdrop for all existing ATOM holders.

While Jito’s snapshot has already been taken, there are still plenty of tokenless protocols on Solana (like marginfi and Tensor) that you should interact with to set yourself for an airdrop on the chain. Acquiring ATOM could help you position yourself for the ATOM1 airdrop, should Kwon follow through with his chain split proposal.

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