BitVM: The Holy Grail for Bitcoin? | Creator Robin Linus

Is This the Future of Bitcoin?
Jun 13, 20241 min read

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Today on the show, we’re exploring the frontier of ZK Rollups on Bitcoin! 

The Bitcoin L2 landscape is standing on the shoulders of this technical implementation called BitVM. We brought Robin Linus, one of the author’s of the BitVM White Paper, to not only dive into how BitVM got started, but more importantly, what it means for the future of Bitcoin.


0:00 Intro

5:03 Who is Robin Linus?

10:20 Why Bitcoin?

16:19 Bitcoin Needs to Scale

22:15 BitVM Eureka Moment

24:31 The State of BitVM

27:19 BitVM vs Ethereum Rollups

33:45 How Does BitVM Work?

46:07 BitVM Critiques

55:07 The Bitcoin L2 Space

59:33 The BitVM Endgame

1:03:07 The Future of Bitcoin

1:07:09 Closing & Disclaimers


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