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Bitcoin's Breakout

gm Bankless Nation, BTC is knocking at $55K, but it isn't the only winner today.
Feb 26, 20243 min read
Bitcoin's Breakout
Published on Feb 26, 2024
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Bitcoin's Breakout
  1. 🔶 BTC's epic pump. Bitcoin's Monday price buildup nearly took BTC past $55k as traders doubled down on crypto bets.
  2. 🔺 MicroStrategy is busy. MSTR stock is surging, the company is buying even more bitcoin, and its Twitter account was hacked, leading to $440k in stolen funds.
  3. 🌪️ Tornado Cash facing exploit. Tornado Cash has had a challenging couple years, and things could get worse. The community has discovered that malicious code was added by a dev that could risk user deposits.
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CleanSpark Soars

📊 Crypto stocks roar. Crypto prices spiked on the open of the US stock market, sending Bitcoin up 5.7% to set a new cycle high! The true winner is crypto equities; crypto exchange Coinbase (COIN) surged 16%, Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy (MSTR) ripped 16%, and Bitcoin miner CleanSpark (CLSK) mooned 24%! Who is bidding our bags?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.09T ↗ 4.6% ↗ 5.0%
BTC $54,528 ↗ 5.2% ↗ 5.0%
ETH $3,171 ↗ 2.0% ↗ 6.7%
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What Yuga Should Have Built
Bankless Author: William M. Peaster

Yuga has had a rough year.

As the BAYC parent company deals with leadership changes amid a drastically slowed NFT market, community expectations for its still unreleased title, Otherside, are getting impossibly high.

How did it end up here? And how are smaller-scale multiplayer crypto titles capitalizing on the disconnect?

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What is Data Availability?

If you've been reading Bankless a lot lately, you've been seeing the acronym – DA. What’s Data Availability (DA), and what’s its business model?

In this episode, we welcomed Jon Charbonneau, a researcher-investor at DBA, and Neel Somani, the CEO of Eclipse. We unpack everything DA, from what it unlocks to its economics.

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