Arbitrum’s Stylus with Steven Goldfeder | ETHDenver 2023 Interview #7

In this episode, we’re talking to Steven Goldfeder of Arbitrum to discuss Arbitrum’s innovative new Stylus and the ever-evolving L2 wars.
Mar 9, 20231 min read

Sometimes, the frontier is at a crypto conference. One of the most prestige being, ETHDenver! We’re back with a handful of exclusive interviews with some of the most fascinating minds in crypto.

Wish you could make it to all the crypto conferences, but don't have the time? Don't worry, Bankless brings the frontier to you.


0:00 Intro

3:51 Arbitrum Stylus

5:16 Stylus Explained

7:40 Prysmatic Labs

9:05 Any Dev Can Build on Arbitrum

9:52 L2 vs. L1 Roadmap Adoption

11:19 Arbitrum Alpha L3 Chains

13:40 How Do Chains Talk to Each Other?

14:52 Closing & Action Items


Steven Goldfeder




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