Announcing Uniswap V4 With Hayden Adams

Hayden Adams joins us to announce the release of Uniswap V4!
Jun 13, 20231 min read

Hayden Adams joins us to announce the release of Uniswap V4! He walks us through innovations new to Uniswap like hooks and singleton contracts in addition to a new upgrade that can lower gas costs up to 90%.

To launch V4 we need your help, the community, to contribute your opinions and decide the fate of this new protocol.


0:00 Intro

5:56 Introducing Hayden

7:37 V4 Launch Date?

9:12 What Goes Live Today?

10:28 How Far Has Uniswap Come?

12:14 Can Uniswap Get Any Bigger?

13:52 Are Centralized Exchanges Competitors?

16:28 Why Do We Need V4

20:10 V4's Flagship Feature

24:47 Introducing, TWAM

28:29 A New Uniswap Fee Structure

33:57 How V4 Solves Efficiency

38:27 Singleton Contracts

41:08 The Gas Refund

43:29 The Hook Centric Roadmap

46:59 What Rollups Will Uniswap Live On?

51:34 Who Will Be Building Hooks

58:20 Fees On Withdrawals

1:05:35 Why Hooks?

1:10:18 Will Liquidity Migrate To V4?

1:16:34 How V4 Is Like a Centralized Exchange

1:20:47 Is This The Last Uniswap Upgrade?

1:22:38 Has Defi Peaked?

1:30:10 How To Get Started On V4

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