Anatoly Reflects on Solana In 2023 & 2024

Dec 26, 20231 min read

In today’s episode, we have the creator of Solana and the Co-founder of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko. We brought on Anatoly to reflect on Solana in 2023 and its future in the New Year and beyond.


0:00 Intro

5:49 FTX’s Effect on Solana

8:03 Solana Lindy?

9:55 Local Fee Markets

17:51 Solana’s Governance

24:58 Important Solana Questions

28:44 Firedancer vs. Jump

37:36 Latency Games

40:20 Are More Users Scary?

43:50 Hyper-Optimism

48:52 What Scares Anatoly

54:59 $BONK & Solana Phone

1:07:58 Breakout Consumer Apps

1:12:37 Solana Economics

1:18:30 ETH vs. SOL

1:34:50 Solana Alignment

1:36:49 Solana Misrepresentation

1:37:53 Closing & Disclaimers




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