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Almost Time to Blast Off?

gm Bankless Nation, crypto is riding high, but could much-hyped launches push us even further?
Feb 13, 20243 min read
Almost Time to Blast Off?
Published on Feb 13, 2024
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ETF Buyers Accumulate
  1. 💰 Spot BTC ETFS see $1.1B in inflows. Bitcoin price action is pushing institutional buyers toward ETFs in droves, according to a report from CoinShares.
  2. 👩‍⚖️ CZ sentencing postponed. The former Binance CEO’s sentencing has been moved from later this month to April 30
  3. 🥷 PlayDapp exploited for $290M. The crypto gaming platform behind the PLA token was hit by an exploit that led a hacker to mint 1.79 billion tokens.
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Inflation Deflates BTC

📊 Not so fast. One day after surging to set a new cycle high above $50k, Bitcoin spent the day bouncing around, falling as low as $48,500. What is causing markets to tank?

Prices as of 6pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.86T ↘ 1.0% ↗ 12.0%
BTC $49,408 ↘ 1.1% ↗ 14.5%
ETH $2,630 ↘ 1.1% ↗ 10.6%
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5 Blast Projects Ready to Take Off
Bankless Author: David C.

The Blast L2 already has a fairly contentious aura surrounding it, but it's hard to argue with $1.5 billion in TVL.

But as the L2 gears up for its much-hyped launch at the end of the month, attention has shifted to some of the projects being built for its developer-focused Big Bang competition. Blast has already attracted a host of projects looking to be the first to plant their flag in this controversial ecosystem.

Let’s dive in to 5 promising projects 👇


Mass adoption of token-governed technologies. With Mantle Network – an Ethereum rollup, Mantle Treasury, and a token holder governed roadmap for products and initiatives.

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Recapturing DeFi Liquidations

Today, we’re talking about Oval. Billions of dollars have been liquidated from protocols like Aave, Compound, and MakerDAO over the years, and these liquidations have been extremely inefficiently priced. Oval aims to fix this.

Listen to the full conversation 👇

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20 Digital Art Trends for 2024
Bankless Author: William M. Peaster

We recently wrote about Highlight, a creator suite platform for artists. It’s one of my favorite projects right now, not only because its tooling is slick but also because its team is outstanding. Heading up that team is Nat Emodi, and he’s got as good a handle on the art scene around crypto as anyone I’ve ever known. 

That’s why today I’m excited to share a guest post by Nat on 20 digital art trends to watch in 2024. Let's dive in 👇

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Many Bankless Citizens who completed the Jito quests in our Airdrop Hunter app just earned five-figure airdrop paydays!

It's airdrop season, and plenty of other protocols are preparing to reward early users. Get on their lists. Start hunting!

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