200 - Vitalik's Philosophy: d/acc

Vitalik joins us on our 200th episode to discuss his broader philosophies on technology, AI, and society.
Dec 8, 20231 min read

This past year there’s been a great societal wide debate: Tech-acceleration (e/acc) vs deacceleration.

Should we continue the path toward AI or are the robots going to kill us? We’ve been hoping Vitalik would weigh in on this debate ever since our episode Elizer Yudkowski —now he has, so what’s Vitalik’s probability of AI doom?


0:00 Intro
3:50 The Technology Conversation
15:30 The Accelerationist View
30:30 The AI Problem
38:30 8 Year Old Child
44:00 AI Doom
51:00 d/acc
1:08:30 Improving the World
1:16:45 e/acc
1:20:30 Crypto Tribes
1:27:00 Direction and Priorities
1:30:50 Closing Optimism


Vitalik's Techno-Optimism:

Tweet Thread:

Techno-Optimist Manifesto:

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