153 - Why Crypto is Underrated with Tyler Cowen

Tyler Cowen is an American economist, columnist, and blogger. He’s also a professor at George Mason University, where he also produces the Conversations with Tyler podcast with guests like Vitalik Buterin. Marc Andreessen, and Ray Dalio.
Jan 16, 20231 min read

In today’s episode, Tyler shares why he thinks regulators should pause and wait before passing crypto regulation in the wake of FTX, how FTX and Enron are similar, why he calls himself a crypto-hopeful (even though he thinks Balaji’s Network State idea is utterly wrong). And finally, we play Tyler's favorite game—Overrated vs. Underrated—about everything relevant in 2023: Crypto AI, Inflation, America, China, Social Media, Wealth Inequality, and more.


0:00 Intro

6:10 Tyler’s 2023 Crypto Thoughts

6:50 Why Crypto is Confusing

9:04 Is Crypto Overrated?

10:25 Is Crypto Worth it?

12:19 Regulation

19:33 On-Chain Privacy, Taxes, Surveillance

24:00 FTX vs. Enron

27:35 Wealth Inequality

32:05 Crypto Regulation vs. Innovation

34:48 Can the U.S. Choke Crypto?

36:24 Crypto vs. the Internet

37:56 Whose at Fault for FTX?  

40:00 Crypto Self-Regulation

45:16 A.I. Regulation

46:46 A.I.’s SBF Moment?

48:05 Is the Future Closer than it Appears?

50:31 Human Self-Regulation

51:16 Economists & Crypto

53:20 Vitalik

54:16 Free Markets & Greed

55:21 Overrated vs. Underrated

1:00:24 Balaji’s Network State  

1:01:47 Banks

1:02:15 Closing & Disclaimers


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