147 - Why Mainstream Media Sucks & How to Fix It with Saagar Enjeti

Saagar Enjeti is the Co-Host of an American populist, anti-establishment political news and opinion series called, Breaking Points with Krystal Ball as his co-host.
Dec 2, 20221 min read

Launched in June 2021, Breaking Points has 850k Subscribers, with some videos getting millions of views—making Breaking Points a leading source of political news.

In today’s episode, Saagar shares the origin story of Breaking Points and his hot takes on social media, Elon, Twitter, de-platforming, 2024 political predictions, civil war, inflation, FTX, and how crypto can repair itself.


0:00 Intro

6:19 Advice Talking to Politicians

15:29 Breaking Points Origin

23:45 Authenticity

27:42 Dealing With Trolls

33:04 Prevent Being Captured

37:00 Meta Breaking Points  

40:38 Saagar’s Take on Social Media

47:28 Elon & Twitter

53:22 Deplatforming

58:06 Canada Protests

1:03:15 Lessons From Breaking Points

1:09:27 Old vs. New Media

1:12:15 2024 Political Predictions

1:15:23 Probability of a Civil War

1:16:43 Inflation

1:19:42 FTX

1:23:11 Breaking Points Community

1:23:50 How Crypto Can Repair

1:25:55 Closing


Saagar Enjeti


Breaking Points


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