146 - Tim Ferriss on NFTs and 'Cockpunch'

Tim Ferriss is a 5-time NYT best-selling author, an award-winning podcaster with over 900 million downloads, and a prolific angel investor. After nearly a year of work, he has finally begun to start talking about his secretive NFT drop.
Nov 23, 20221 min read

What’s it about? Why’s he spending this next chapter of his life on NFTs? What alpha did he decide to drop on Bankless?

Also, Tim—like some of us, unfortunately—had money in FTX. We ask him about that and his advice for dealing with these tumultuous times.


0:00 Intro

7:20 Tim a Crypto Guy?

18:00 Tim’s Crypto Trepidations

26:32 What’s in Tim’s Control?

30:20 NFTs & Creative Expression

36:13 Evaluating NFTs

42:30 Tim’s Team

47:10 Tim’s NFT Origins

51:40 Why Tim’s Excited & World Building

1:03:13 Cockpunch

1:22:03 Cockpunch Utility

1:24:40 Supporting Science

1:30:26 Cockpunch Mint Details

1:41:43 Strategizing Cockpunch Community

1:49:46 Storytelling via a New Medium

1:53:00 Next Steps

1:54:10 Tim’s Advice on FTX

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