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12 Builders to Watch in 2024

gm Bankless Nation, despite a downswing for token prices, there was plenty of good news across crypto today.
Jan 31, 20243 min read
12 Builders to Watch in 2024
Published on Jan 31, 2024
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FTX Full Repayment
  1. 🚨 FTX to repay customers in full? The FTX estate announced they're expecting to repay customers in full but will not be restarting the exchange after all.
  2. 💰 Ripple exec falls victim to $112M hack. Ripple founder/billionaire Chris Larsen had 213 million XRP tokens stolen from a personal wallet.
  3. 🎂 Happy 30th Birthday Vitalik. The Ethereum guru turned thirty and sent out a birthday blog post reflecting on his recent years.
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How Did Jupiter's Drop Go?

📊 Hello, JUP! Solana’s leading aggregator, Jupiter, airdropped the long-awaited JUP token to its early users this morning! How is the market reacting?

Prices as of 6pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.53T ↘ 7.7% ↘ 1.9%
BTC $42,606 ↘ 0.9% ↗ 6.2%
ETH $2,286 ↘ 2.8% ↗ 2.4%
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12 Builders I'm Watching
Bankless Author: David Hoffman

As we enter 2024, there are a few leaders in crypto who are experts in fields that are the current metas of crypto.

I took it upon myself to list out 12 builders (I cheated with a couple of duos) who I'm going to be watching extra closely as we enter the next chapter of crypto’s arc.

See my Top 12 👇👇👇


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The Point of Points?

So, what's the point of points?

Why are all the top projects developing points programs? How did we find ourselves here? Will these points actually turn into tokens? What will the regulators say about it?

Listen to Our Points 👇

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