29 - Aave to Billions | Stani Kulechov

Discussing with Aave's Founder on their success in 2020 and what's next for the money market protocol
Sep 7, 20201 min read

We know a lot of new DeFi users are asking “what is Aave?” and “Is Aave crypto, is there an Aave coin?”

This podcast is for those folks, and everyone interested in the future of DeFi.

Aave has marched up the DeFi leaderboard to become one of the top protocols with the most amount of value deposited into its contracts. Aave's token LEND has increased 3300% since its bear market low.  It’s hitting on a key DeFi use case that is proving to be important not only to users, but to protocols as well.

What contributed to Aave's success? What did Aave do differently? Why did Aave's community thrive when others died? What's next for Aave and Aavenomics?

We ask Stani these questions and many more, in order to get a glimpse of what is successful in this DeFi frontier!


1) Crypto-Native Founders
2) Early days of Aave -- ETHLend and the Aave pivot
3) Sticking it out through the bear market
4) Establishing the team-community relationship
5) Rising the Ranks of DeFi
6) VC investment vs ICO investment; pros and cons
7) The Aave success story. Aave moves FAST!
8) Aavenomics and Aave Roadmap
9) Bull Market Predictions!


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